Business Matrix Accelerator

It’s time to take your business & life to the next level.

Whatever You Want — We'll Show You How To Get It.

It’s your life, and you have only one. Are you going to be like most people and settle for the scraps of life? Or will you buck the trend? You can choose to walk your unique path and shoot for gold because EVERYTHING your heart desires is closer than you think. The truth is, it’s already here, just waiting for you to decide. It’s waiting for you to take action. It’s waiting for you on the other side of the Business Matrix Accelerator program.

What you'll learn in the business accelerator program:

Become A Leader

The Business Matrix Accelerator is designed to bring out the best in all areas of your life and business— and that includes becoming a leader of your team and community. Leadership development is a core pillar of the BMA program.

Become Financially Secure

Getting your finances in order is arguably one of the most difficult and enduring struggles with most entrepreneurs at all levels. Our PGI certified business coaches and consultants will give you the tools and advice you need to create the financial freedom plan you've always dreamed of.

Become Healthy

Are you performing at your peak in your day-to-day? The most successful entrepreneurs know that if they take care of their body and nutrition, they'll be rewarded with greater energy levels and focus. Our certified business and corporate coaches will give you the keys to change your nutrition, your physique, and your overall health for optimized success.

Become Free

By creating and running a successful business, you're given the freedom to choose to live life on your terms. We're here to help you achieve your dreams and create a life so tailored to you that you'll never need a vacation again. Talk to one of our certified business coaches and corporate coaches to see our experience and expertise work for you.

Are you an Entrepreneur or Business Owner who is ready to make quantum leaps in your life and business?

It is time to create the financial freedom and time freedom you have always dreamed of.
In our Business Mastery Program, we give you the blueprint to create and build the life you have always wanted.

• Are you sick and tired of being stuck inside your business and feeling like you’re slaving your life away just to keep the business going?

• Do you want to become a better leader, that your employees and colleagues respect?

• Have you worked with coaches in the past and you felt you did not get far or accomplish your goals?

• Do you want to increase your revenue by 10X?

If you answered yes to any of the above, it’s time to act and work with someone who can get you there. The information we teach has changed the lives of millions of individuals and completely changed the lives of every one of our (IAM) certified consultants as well as PGI Certified Consultants. Some of them have made over $5 million monthly. It is time for you to create massive success in your personal and professional life. This includes financial and spiritual growth. Schedule a call today and finally create and experience the freedom you have always desired and learn who you truly are.

In this program, you will receive...

  • Twenty four weeks of deep personal and professional coaching, working with (IAM) Mastermind’s top PGI Certified Consultants.
  • 12 incredibly powerful lessons from Bob Proctor and Sandy Gallagher, accessible anywhere with an internet connection
  • A powerful 200 page workbook that goes along with each powerful lesson.
  • Weekly Business Matrix Accelerator Coaching Every Saturday 9:15am-10:15am Central Standard Time
  • Bonus: Access to (IAM’s Iron Mind Coaching Sundays 10am-11am Central Standard Time
  • Bonus: Access to Scaling For Life every M-F 6-7 am Central Standard Time
  • Bonus: Membership portal access, with recordings of coaching calls.
  • Facebook Group to connect with other high performers
  • Bonus: Reading Materials





Here's What BMA Graduates Have To Say:

Are You Ready To Accelerate Your Life?

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