I AM Kids and Academy was started as a dream by Emily Carranza. At the age of 3 years old, she knew that there was more to life than what she could see or even imagine. She was not born into a financially wealthy family but their wealth was substantial in knowledge. When she turned 10 years old, her father was starting his first company and she learned as much as possible on learned why and how he did it. As she got older, her family’s status grew. She always wondered from a young age what the difference was between a rich man and a poor man. She was able to figure out the difference and decided that she would help all children achieve the success they desire by teaching them the secret to success.

“ADVENTURE awaits when YOU use your IMAGINATION!!!”



Liam’s mom says “Liam is a 4 year old monster! But I’m glad he’s learning the terminology. He has a bright future ahead. Thank you Emily.”

Arya’s mom says “She’s matured a lot, more aware of her actions, & considers others. She loves going to class! She will meditate often, at different times & in different places. For example, yesterday she meditated outside.”



Teacher: Emily Sky Carranza

What are we going to do:

This is a subscription based platform that will teach your children key fundamentals for success. This platform is for children of the ages 3-13. Will come in for one hour a week and will have an interactive class that will teach…

  • How to set GOALS & ACHIEVE them

  • Respect

  • How to overcome all obstacles

  • Understanding The Mind

  • Self growth in all areas of life 

  • Self Confidence/Self Worth

  • Attitude

  • Controlling their emotions

  • Decision Making

  • Focus

  • Goal Setting


I AM KIDS: $145

Saturdays From: 8:00 am 9:00 am

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I AM KIDS: $165

Monday, or Wednesday From: 4:00pm-5:00pm

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I AM KIDS: $45

One Time Session

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I AM KIDS: $4,450

Online Only

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