January 27 2022 Seminar

I Am Mastermind explores the mindset of goals and achieving them. You will learn to set goals for your lie, your business and many other areas. Its our first Seminar for 2022 offering you incite into goal setting.

February 24 2022 Seminar

I Am Mastermind Is jumping into Faith.  How faith can guide you to achieve and succeed. Faith is a balance in affirmative action and the physical world. Join us as we explore faith and your ultimate success.

March 24 2022 Seminar

I Am Mastermind Takes a deep dive into auto suggestion. In this 3 hour seminar dedicated to revealing how you can achieve what you want to enrich your life in all areas. Explore your auto suggestion with us  and achieve your path and create success.

April 28 2022 Seminar

May 26 2022 Seminar

Join us this Thursday the 26th I AM MASTERMIND is going to cover Laws of Attraction  Specialized Knowledge. Book Now!

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