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We hold the keys to your SUCCESS. Through our world class certified coaches and consultants and mind altering programs we give you the keys to create the life you desire and deserve while finding your true purpose.

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Who is I Am Mastermind?


“We are the institute of the mind, teaching the advancement of human potential and development through science and psychology.”


We have partnered with the best in the world Bob Proctor to give you life altering game changing information

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Discover Your Limitless potential

Learn from some of the best masters in the world, in human potential and success. Information that continues to change the lives of Millions of people! 

Its time to redesign your life and rewrite the code to live a happier, healthier, wealthier life that you create!

The majority of us were never taught that we already hold the keys to creating the life we desire. Its like a door waiting for you to discover who you really are and what your really are capable of doing and creating. You see we have only become limited by our beliefs in and about ourselves.

Are your beliefs holding you back? Not sure, look at your results. Are you getting the results you REALLY want? You see the problem lies in our Paradigms (pre-existing programming created genetically and environmentally from the time we were 0-7 years old) which has almost exclusive control over our habitual behavior…and almost all of our behavior is habitual. Paradigms are a multitude of habits passed down from generation to generation.The only way to create lasting change is to re-program the paradigms. We are here to give you back your power though our coaching, consulting, and life changing programs that will set you on the path to true freedom and understanding who you are.

“Mind is the Master power that molds and makes, And Man is Mind, and evermore he takes The tool of Thought, and, shaping what he wills, Brings forth a thousand joys, a thousand ills: He thinks in secret, and it comes to pass: Environment is but his looking-glass.”

-James Allen

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Update Your Programming, Upgrade Your Life

  • Achieve Bigger Goals

  • Discover Your Passion 

  • Multiply Your Income

  • Overcome Fears 

  • Improve Health 

  • Grow Your Business

  • And So Much More…


Are you an Entrepreneur or Business Owner who is ready to take massive action on your goals? 

Its time to create the financial freedom and time freedom you have always dreamed of. In our Business Mastery Program we give you the blueprint to create and build the life you have always wanted.

  • Are you sick and tired of being stuck inside your business and feel like your slaving your life away just to keep the business going?

  • Do you want to become a better leader, that your employees and colleagues respect? 

  • Have you worked with coaches in the past and you felt you didn’t get far or accomplish your goals?

  • Do you want to increase your revenue by 10X?


If you answered yes to any of the above its time to take action and work with someone who can get you there. The information we teach has changed the lives of millions of individuals and completely changed the direction of a company that may have been failing to creating massive success. Schedule a call today and finally gain the freedom you have always desired and learn who you truly are. 




This 6 month coaching program was created by Bob Proctor and Sandy Gallagher. Giving you all the information you need to change your life for the better. You see we are all programmed genetically and environmentally from the time of conception until about 7 years old. Then we continue to operate from that programming for some of us the rest of our lives. It is because of this we become stuck in a life we may not want without knowing how to break free. The problem is unless we reprogram the habits and beliefs we will continue getting the results we don’t want. So take action and start learning about yourself, your purpose, how to accomplish your goals, and most importantly start living life on your terms. 


What’s included: 

  • Six months of deep personal and professional work with I Am Mastermind’s top PGI Certified Consultants.
  • 12 incredibly powerful lessons from Bob Proctor and Sandy Gallagher accessible anywhere with an internet connection
  • A powerful step by step 200 page workbook that goes along with each powerful lesson.
  • Access to (IAM)’s Masterclasses every M-F 7-8 am EST
  • Access to recordings of coaching calls.
  • Facebook Group to connect with other high performers
  • Additional Reading Materials 

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Discover The Greatness Within You! Every Monday-Friday 7am-8am EST

Surround yourself with incredible individuals who are all dedicated to their personal and professional growth. People who have increased their income by 10x even 100x what they were previously making. Its time to set yourself on the path to freedom and understanding who you really are.

  • Learn how to grow your business
  • Discover your life’s purpose
  • Understand who you really are
  • Learn the keys to financial freedom
  • Implement stategies to improve performance
  • Learn the keys to life long success
  • Create life long friendships
  • Empower yourself and others


What Our Students Say

I have been attending the IAM Masterclass for nearly a month now, and it has really ignited a spark within me to move into action toward my dreams. I have been practicing, the 5 o’clock club for a bit, but this masterclass brought my commitment to an entirely new level. Abraham and Gillis dive into some great principles of success, universal laws, and understanding of the mind, within each of these interactive classes. If you are just stuck, or looking for a fresh new way to challenge yourself to start each day with personal growth, then this is the class for you.

-A. Combier


“I try at least once a week to participate in the masterminds of I am Mastermind. I make time for this because it is always so valuable. Abraham and Gillis are well prepared and make sure you first get some (new) information and then reflection/ discussion time to think and reflect on. There is room for discussion with like-minded people. The repetition of receiving this complex information, raises your awareness. After every mastermind you have things to implement, to take action on or discover the next step.

Participating in these masterminds helps me evolve and that is exactly my desire.”

-Hanne Denerie

Let me tell you something before when we were going to open up our shop we never applied ourselves the way we do now! I can say that because we physically went to go ask for the shop we wanted. There wasn’t a number on the door or anything for 2 years I always wondered who owns the shop but we never tried until we started the classes. We went to look for nearby tenants to ask who was the property manager and on the first try we got an answer! I mean I thought we were going to have to be asking a lot of people, but it was simple as one little question. So now all of our plans are coming into play. The universe is giving it to us we just have to apply ourselves and work with the universe and the teachings we learn! We’ve only been a part of the group for 1 month and look at us, we are more ahead and focused and getting everything to open in March. We can already envision our open sign and our name on the door and customers coming in!! This is only the beginning.

-Briana  Gonzalez


What is a Paradigm?

A mental program in your subconscious mind with almost exclusive control over your habitual behavior.

Almost all of your behavior is habitual – the time you take to get up in the morning, the way you eat, exercise, work, relax, how much money you make, etc.

No matter how hard you try, it is difficult to earn more, do more and be more until you change the mental program.

In order to create the reality we desire we must shift your Paradigm by impressing an image of the “new you”, through emotion and reptition, into your subconscious mind.

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