It’s Time To Turn Your Thinking Into Results.


Tell Us What You Want We Will Show You How To Get It


It’s TIme to live the life you really want to live

This is YOUR life and as far as we know, you have only one.You can be like most people and settle for what you think you can get and simply wish you could be, do and have more. Or you can choose to walk your unique path and shoot for gold because  EVERYTHING you want is closer than you think.The truth is, it’s already here. Just waiting for you to decide. TAKE ACTION…

Create Financial Freedom

Live In A Healthy Body

Gain Freedom To Travel

Become A Leader

IF you can see it in your mind you can hold it in your hand

(IAM) Mastermind is proudly partnered with the Proctor Gallagher Institute bringing you one of the best programs in the world. Teaching you information that was hidden from the masses for thousands of years. Giving you the very best PGI and (IAM) Certified Consultants who have accomplished massive results for themselves and their clients.

WHat’s really holding you back? 

Paradigms… What are paradigms?

Paradigms are a collection of thoughts, behaviors, and perceptions that dictate your feelings, actions, and results. 

Whatever Your Goal or Dream Is, We Will Show You How To Accomplish it


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Life changing lessons

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What Our Clients are saying

I highly recommend the Thinking into Results program created by Bob Proctor and Sandy Gallagher to anyone interested in growing personally or growing their business. If you are willing to commit at least 12 weeks to changing your life, you will literally be astounded by what you accomplish. This program is not the typical motivational hype that comes around every year or two. This program is the result of Bob Proctor’s lifetime quest to learn more about the mind. Until we understand how our mind operates and we take the time to really think about our future, things will never change. Using the principles of this program I have accomplished goals in 2009 that I wouldn’t have dreamed possible prior to the completion of this program. Sign up for this program and be prepared for a life altering experience!

– Dan Vick, Broker/Owner, RE/MAX of Kansas City

“I have been in Corporate America for over 20 years and never have I come across a program that inspires and equips people to be and do their best in all aspects of their life. This program is a must for teams and individuals to achieve big goals.”

– Brandon Dangerfield, VP of Sales Operations, Fortune 500 Company

“Thanks to Bob, my team went from ranking 163rd company- wide in commissions to #11 within the first year, and to #1 by the fifth year. This program is great because you can have Bob Proctor in your office every week – any time you want to just turn it on.

– Paul Hutsey, Former VP of Sales, Prudential Life

In this program, you will receIve…

  • Twenty four weeks of deep personal and professional coaching working with (IAM) Mastermind’s top PGI Certified Consultants.
  • 12 incredibly powerful lessons from Bob Proctor and Sandy Gallagher accessible anywhere with an internet connection
  • A powerful 200 page workbook that goes along with each powerful lesson.
  • Access to (IAM)’s Masterclasses every M-F 7-8 am EST
  • Access to recordings of coaching calls.
  • Facebook Group to connect with other high performers
  • Additional Reading Materials 

Why you need a mentor…