Success Mindset Mastery

Every Monday-Friday 10am-11am Eastern Standard time


Normally $249.99/month 

Limited Time Only $49.99/month

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This Program is...


Designed for Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, and Conscious Leaders


Join Gillis and bridge the gap from where you are to where you want to be. Through this comprehensive group coaching program you will be given the keys to success. Thoughout our journey together you will discover your purpose, learn easy tips to healthier living, discover who you are, unlock your true potential, learn business tactics, learn marketing strategies, learn ways to optimize your online presesence, build MSI’s, create true financial freedom, create time freedom, live a happier healthier life, understand paradigms and how to reprogram and so much more.  

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Whats Included


Daily Coaching Monday- Friday

Receive exclusive access to a 1hr class every Monday-Friday.  Learn how to become the master of your life and no longer a victim or subject to your current circumstances. Receive priceless information that will give you the tools to increase your health, wealth, and prosperity.



Get exclusive access to all of the Masterclass recordings. If you miss a call no worries get access with your personal login.


Starting The Day Right

Start your days right by surrounding yourself with individuals who are also working on their personal and professional goals. An environment designed to take you from where you currently are to where you want to be.  



Gain Access to the Facebook group that connects like minded individuals where you can mastermind and create life long connections. This is where you will access recording, additional bonus material, gain the ability to mastermind with people all over the world, share your wins, and if you’re struggling and have specific questions this will be where you ask the questions that will then be addressed on Fridays or the end of each class. 


Friday Guest Speaker Day & Q/A

Every Friday we will have a specialized guest speaker or we will do a Q/A answering  any and all questions you may have from the week. This will also be the time to request different area of business, health, wealth, personal development and professional development.  We will be live streaming this to FB every friday so if you have anyone who would like to possibly join the have the ability to see what the classes look like. 



What Our Students Say

“This program is truly life changing! I cant believe how much value and information I am recieving each week. I thought I was never going to get out from being stuck working inside my business. I was close to selling my business and just becoming a CEO for someone else, but then I started these classes and discovered why I was getting the results I was getting in my business. I was then showed how to incorporate the information into my business to free me from being stuck in the business. I gained financial freedom, time freedom, and I learned so much more about myself.  Let me tell you if your debating starting this class just do it. You wont regret it! I cant wait to try one of IAM’s more comprehensive classes.

-A. Wallace


“I try at least once a week to participate in the masterminds of I am Mastermind. I make time for this because it is always so valuable. Abraham and Gillis are well prepared and make sure you first get some (new) information and then reflection/ discussion time to think and reflect on. There is room for discussion with like-minded people. The repetition of receiving this complex information, raises your awareness. After every mastermind you have things to implement, to take action on or discover the next step.

Participating in these masterminds helps me evolve and that is exactly my desire.”

-Hanne Denerie


Let me tell you something before when we were going to open up our shop we never applied ourselves the way we do now! I can say that because we physically went to go ask for the shop we wanted. There wasn’t a number on the door or anything for 2 years I always wondered who owns the shop but we never tried until we started the classes. We went to look for nearby tenants to ask who was the property manager and on the first try we got an answer! I mean I thought we were going to have to be asking a lot of people, but it was simple as one little question. So now all of our plans are coming into play. The universe is giving it to us we just have to apply ourselves and work with the universe and the teachings we learn! We’ve only been a part of the group for 1 month and look at us, we are more ahead and focused and getting everything to open in March. We can already envision our open sign and our name on the door and customers coming in!! This is only the beginning.

-Briana Gonzalez