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Every Monday-Friday 7am-8am Eastern Standard time
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Masterclass Objectives & Outcomes


Daily Coaching Monday- Friday

Receive exclusive access to 1 hr masterclass every Monday-Friday. Learning from individuals making 6-8 figures. Discover Napoleon Hill’s 17 principles of success and over 56 years of research conducted by Bob Proctor. Learn how to become the master of your life and no longer a victim or subject to your current circumstances. Receive priceless information that will give you the tools to increase your health, wealth, and prosperity.



Gain Access to the Facebook group that connects like minded individuals where you can mastermind and create life long connections. 



Get exclusive access to all of the Masterclass recordings. If you miss a call no worries get access with your personal login.


Starting The Day Right

Reset and start your days right by surrounding yourself with individuals who pick you up and encourage your goals, not call you crazy and put you down. 


Individual Coaching

Every Friday we choose a few individuals who are struggling with something and we work as a collective to help you make your breakthrough. 

Paradigm is a mental program that has almost exclusive control over our habitual behavior…and almost all of our behavior is habitual. Paradigms are a multitude of habits passed down from generation to generation.”

– Bob Proctor


What Our Students Say

I have been attending the IAM Masterclass for nearly a month now, and it has really ignited a spark within me to move into action toward my dreams. I have been practicing, the 5 o’clock club for a bit, but this masterclass brought my commitment to an entirely new level. Abraham and Gillis dive into some great principles of success, universal laws, and understanding of the mind, within each of these interactive classes. If you are just stuck, or looking for a fresh new way to challenge yourself to start each day with personal growth, then this is the class for you.

-A. Combier


“I try at least once a week to participate in the masterminds of I am Mastermind. I make time for this because it is always so valuable. Abraham and Gillis are well prepared and make sure you first get some (new) information and then reflection/ discussion time to think and reflect on. There is room for discussion with like-minded people. The repetition of receiving this complex information, raises your awareness. After every mastermind you have things to implement, to take action on or discover the next step.

Participating in these masterminds helps me evolve and that is exactly my desire.”

-Hanne Denerie


Let me tell you something before when we were going to open up our shop we never applied ourselves the way we do now! I can say that because we physically went to go ask for the shop we wanted. There wasn’t a number on the door or anything for 2 years I always wondered who owns the shop but we never tried until we started the classes. We went to look for nearby tenants to ask who was the property manager and on the first try we got an answer! I mean I thought we were going to have to be asking a lot of people, but it was simple as one little question. So now all of our plans are coming into play. The universe is giving it to us we just have to apply ourselves and work with the universe and the teachings we learn! We’ve only been a part of the group for 1 month and look at us, we are more ahead and focused and getting everything to open in March. We can already envision our open sign and our name on the door and customers coming in!! This is only the beginning.

-Briana Gonzalez


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