Scaling For Life

Unlock Your True Potential And Surround Yourself With A Mastermind Of High Performers Every Day

A Meeting of the Masterminds.

The best way to start your day is with a meeting of the minds with other high performers— the premise on which the popular Scaling For Life program is based. You’ll spend one hour a day, six days a week with other Masterminds just like you who have a desire and passion for learning and success. In Scaling For Life, you’ll gain the knowledge and secrets you need in order to improve both yourself and your business. Do you have a dream, a goal, or a vision? Iron sharpens iron, and in Scaling for Life we will forge you into the sharpest and deadliest blade you can be. At our coaching company we offer business coaching services that can help you achieve your goals, with small business coaching we take a tailored approach to suit each situation.

What you need to begin...


a week to commit one hour every morning meeting with high-performing, like-minded individuals.


Accountability for your commitments. Will you follow your words with action?


Determination to succeed in life. This program is for the 3% of people that know they deserve more out of life.


Desire to grow and become the best version of yourself. You'll connect, grow and Mastermind with others every day.

You will receive

Every Monday-Friday Join Us
From 6am-7am Central Standard Time

Discover who you are and learn information passed down from some of the most successful people in our history. We also study the great thinkers of the modern age, people like Bob Proctor, Sandy Gallagher, Napoleon Hill, Thomas Troward, Nasim Harriman, Bruce Lipton, and Greg Braden.

Every Sunday Join Us
From 10am-11am Central Standard Time

Receive access to our Scaling For Life Ironmind Mastermind. In this class you will have the ability to mastermind with our top consultants and the mastermind group around something you’re working on or struggling with.

Surround yourself with high performance individuals, like yourself. Once signed up you will be invited to join our exclusive FB Group. Here you have the ability to connect, grow, and mastermind with others, like yourself, who are taking massive action towards their goals.

Get exclusive access to all of the Scaling For Life recordings. If you miss a call, no worries, get access by logging into your personal login.

For one hour every day, surround yourself with like-minded entrepreneurs, learn life changing information, and take control of your day.

Get access to exclusive readings and IAM’s Action Planner. In our exclusive FB Group, have the ability to have questions answered via our daily FB lives, as well as message the group for help and/or advice.



Normally $997/Month

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Who is this for?

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The Scaling for Life (SFL) program is unlike anything you’ve experienced before. While traditional methods of self-development rely on the teachings of one single guru, SFL leverages the proven experience of our Elite IAM certified coaches (who have made over $5 million monthly) and the minds of your driven, problem-solving peers to crack the code within yourself and create permanent change within. 

Traditional self-help courses are simple bandaid fixes to your problems‚ here you’ll solve the root problems that have plagued your efforts to success and clear a path to a bright and prosperous future. Here at our coaching company we are ready to help you succeed.

Success isn’t a secret, it’s an exact science. We have the keys— but if you don’t apply the information we teach you, you won’t get any results. If you do apply the information, you then have the ability to create and experience anything you put your mind to. Contact our coaching company for business coaching services and small business coaches that can help you scale for life!

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