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We Believe…

There is no better time than now. We all come into this world with genetic and environmental programming from conception to around 7 years old. This programming then dictates our results, and essentially our entire life. When we realize that we are not the programming, but instead spirit with limitless abilities, we start to regain our power. We become the authors of our own book. We are no longer an “extra” in our own movie. We must work from the upside down and inside out, not allowing what happens outside of us to affect our thoughts and actions. If we learn to work from the inside out, and not from our senses, we have the ability to choose the life we want to experience. We are no longer trapped inside of a self-composed prison.

Do you believe there is greatness within YOU? Remember, there is a power that awaits inside each and every one of us who has the courage to wield it. We at (IAM) Mastermind give you the ability to expand and achieve your deepest desires.  We do this by raising the awareness of your greatest potential of who you truly are, then providing you with the resources and connections you need to achieve your greatness.

The (IAM) Factor is the total realization of self. When you choose to take the road less traveled and focus on your deepest desires, you will find more of yourself along the way. The true path to your success and fulfillment in life begins when you decide to achieve what you desire most. Here you will discover the limitless power by which you can GIVE, and ultimately, receive. The power to give, be yourself, for the words that follow I AM, follow YOU.

Master The Mind ~ Master Your Reality

The Mastermind Principle  “Two or more people who work in PERFECT HARMONY  for the attainment of a DEFINITE PURPOSE.”

– Napoleon Hill

The Founders

Abraham Carranza

Philanthropist, Entrepreneur, Speaker, Business Consultant, Human Mind Development, Venture Capitalist

Taha Habib

Entrepreneur, Business Consultant, Venture Capitalist

Our Team

Emily Sky Carranza

(IAM) Kids Director, PGI Consultant

Jorge Figueroa

(IAM) Spanish Consultant, PGI Consultant

Hediet Mahmoudi

(IAM) Farsi & English Consultant

Salma Zayed

(IAM) Marketing Team

Danica Shay

(IAM) Spanish Life Success Advisor

Victor Manuel Camiño

(IAM) Spanish Life Success Advisor

Javier Gonzales

(IAM) Spanish Life Success Advisor



How can you help me achieve my goals?2020-12-02T17:14:40+00:00

We give you the blueprint to unlocking your true potential and reprogram the thoughts that are holding you back from making your goals come to fruition.

I’ve worked with other coaches in the past and haven’t gotten any results, how are you different?2020-12-02T17:16:22+00:00

Other coaches give you more knowledge and strategies to accomplish your goals, however if your programming isn’t in alignment with action items you won’t see results. We show you how to reprogram your mind so that you create the habits and beliefs that are in alignment with your goals helping you go from knowing to doing. We work with you to create permanent results.

I don’t know what I want yet, does that matter?2020-12-02T17:30:42+00:00

That’s perfectly fine, a lot of people start working with our coaches without knowing thier goals. First thing when working with our coaches is to gain absolute clarity around what it is you really want to create.

How does my self image prevent me from getting my desired results?2020-12-02T17:21:36+00:00

Your self image is the beliefs you have about your self and if those beliefs are of lack and limitation you will not be able to accomplish your goals with out changing those beliefs.

Is there any kind of guarantee?2020-12-02T17:22:42+00:00

There isn’t a money back guarentee, however we do know that if you go through all the lessons and do all the recommended homework you will see massive results in your life and or business.

Can I go through the TIR coaching program without a coach?2020-12-02T17:25:13+00:00

Yes you can, however we highly recommend going through it with a coach to get the maximum results.


We at (IAM) Mastermind are Proud Sponsors of The Unstoppable Foundation.

We believe in giving back to the world. We choose the Unstoppable foundation because every donation made changes the life of another and changes entire villages. It takes only $25,000 to sponsor an entire village for a whole year! This changes lives and enables communities to get an education, clean water, nutritious food, desperately needed health care, and even income training to create generational sustainability and growth.

Join us in making a massive difference in these amazing people’s lives. Everyone deserves to have access to…

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